In June 2014, an ambitious new dance work was premiered live as part of the York Festival of Ideas. After an overwhelming positive response from audiences and hosts alike, the team responsible for the piece, led by Becs Andrews, have produced a dance film and documentary of the piece. The first screening will happen on Wednesday September 17th, at Manchester’s Media City, hosted by the University of Salford.

TRANSMISSION explores the spread of disease and ideas through networks. It is inspired by the similarities between the spread of ‘infectious’ ideas through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and the transmission of real-world diseases through human populations.

Becs Andrews as producer assembled a team of dancers and groundbreaking technologists, scientists and artists from around the UK and received generous support from Arts Council England and Wellcome. They developed sensor-embedded costumes and movement-triggered video and sound designs, combining cutting-edge technology and fluid movement to create a sonic and visual world that tracks interactions and maps Transmission.

Dont miss the chance to see the world premiere!

What people said about TRANSMISSION:
“We were completely moved by the performance. It was one of the best pieces of contemporary dance we have ever seen”
“Its brilliant. Never seen anything like this fusion of light, sound and movement before”
“I would never have imagined science could be turned into something as beautiful as this”

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