Rajha Shakiry‘s design work has been selected to represent the best of UK scenography at the V&A this summer. Images and sound from Shakiry’s design for internationally acclaimed play I Stand Corrected (Mojisola Adebayo), will be shown alongside design work also chosen to be shown at Prague Quadrennial International Design Convention 2015.

The London-based designer and producer was one of 23 chosen specifically to exhibit work at the V&A. The selection was made – with great difficulty, say the judges – from 150 excellent designers who had exhibited work at the Society of British Theatre Designers’ National Exhibition, Make:Believe, in January 2015. The selection criteria were as follows:

*   Work that represents the length, breadth and depth of contemporary performance design in the UK –  both geographically and in terms of scale, genre and   disciplines.

*   Work that demonstrates excellence in skills, vision and commitment.

*   Work in which the scenographic elements are clearly unified within the performance.

*   Work that is forward looking and that emphasises consideration of the relationship between the audience and performance:

  • through the designer’s input being integral to the work
  • through an essential engagement with space and context (of place, occasion, community)

*   Work that grapples with the UK’s identity, our history, politics and our future, including how we relate to the rest of the world.

More details of exhibition dates to follow!

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