A ‘fresh and contemporary’ take on Orwell’s classic novel ANIMAL FARM, designed by Ian Teague and performed on a real working farm, has gained unanimously favourable review coverage.

A Time Out pick before it opened on 19th August at Newham City Farm, The Independenthighly recommended” REVOLUTION FARM as a “terrifically powerful” adaptation which “resounds with troubling echoes of our own predicament today in Britain”.  Ian Teague’s “excellent design and costumes (half-masks, adapted hoodies etc)” were praised for creating a “weird cognitive dissonance between the enlightened trappings of the actual farm and the atrocities (purges registered as the crashing of bodies against the wooden walls of a shut barn) that are fictionally perpetrated upon it”.

Elsewhere, the “extremely tense” atmosphere “impressively maintained” throughout the play, was praised by The Public Reviews, with Ian Teague’s design creating a “genuinely unnerving” effect “against the farm setting”.

REVOLUTION FARM was adapted by writer Jim Kenworth, and co-produced as a community production by Kenworth and Community Links, an East London charity. Performances were 19th to 24th August 2014.

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