About Us

We represent and promote a diverse range of high quality design specialists
The Designers Formation was founded in 1989 as a co-operative agency especially for theatre designers, whom we continue to strive to support in building viable and sustainable careers.

Our designers live in the UK and work at national and international level. Many of them are actively involved in organisations representing the theatre design profession, including the Society of British Theatre Designers, Equity, and OISTAT.

We negotiate contracts, and promote professional conduct in line with current industry agreements
We fully consult our designers when we negotiate on their behalf, and strive to uphold the best possible terms and conditions in a broad range of theatrical contexts.

We value our designers’ personal taste and professional decisions
We support our designers’ own work choices. We listen and we ask questions, but we don’t manage careers, or try to steer designers towards or away from particular areas of work.

We offer professional development support and networking opportunities
We provide a supportive network for our designers to talk to us and to each other – to share ideas, and to discuss issues pertinent to a designer’s career. We help organise events and workshops, as well as supporting designers in getting their work seen and building new working relationships.

We are a socially aware and non-profit-making co-operative organisation
We are run by a committee made up of our represented designers, supported by a dynamic advisory panel of experienced theatre professionals who bring fresh and inspiring perspectives from associated professions and fields of interest.

Laura Sampson joined us as Coordinator in 2013. Prior to that, she spent 6 years working for a leading London talent and literary agency, and another year freelancing as (among other things) a contracts and rights consultant, editor, and performer in Tokyo, Japan. When not looking after our designers, getting excited on twitter about their shows, or running our website, she can usually be found practising Japanese Noh theatre, volunteering as a sound engineer, or preparing for some sort of musical adventure.

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