2015 is the year of the scenographer…

As winner of an international artists’ residency with INSP Lab in Denmark, and a fellowship to attend the colossal theatre maker/designer convention PQ15 in Prague, designing three shows and in development for a fourth, Alison Neighbour has a busy summer ahead.  She’ll be documenting it on a new blog – Scenographic Musings – which she’ll fill with designer’s-eye-view musings on inspiration, creativity and lots more besides.

INSP Lab 2015, Denmark

These are some of the questions Alison asked herself before embarking on the INSP Lab residency:

How we can create scenography that functions as an invitation to an audience, encouraging them to explore, participate, and respond, without feeling threatened or unsure.

How lo fi and new technologies might help with this first question, and with the creation of environments.

How we can involve the audience as co-creators, and how scenography can be created by the audience, in the moment.

And some of the things she was inspired to think about afterwards:

The importance of making something for yourself…not working towards an end product or particular audience, but simply working, and being open to what might occur.

Magic is often found in simplicity. The surprise splash of a bucket of water onto a concrete floor, with natural light through the windows creating unexpected shapes and patterns in the reflections.

Listening. Those small moments that require focus, and how we can help both ourselves as artists, and an audience at a performance obtain that focus.

Game theory and the possibility of a player subverting the game. What is a successful game and how much do we permit it to be broken? In practical terms, how much space can we give an audience to make free choices within a piece of work? Games always have rules; and people always have expectations. The expectations and the rules might not always match.

Fear: creating work using a wholly different practice to my normal approach.

Perspective: we can see spaces and places in a different way by manipulating how the audience perceive them.

Find out more about creativity, inspiration and design on Alison’s Scenography Blog.

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