It is with immense sadness and a deep sense of shock that we have to announce that designer Becs Andrews, our friend and colleague, passed away on 6th January 2016.

Becs made a profound impact with the work she made, something that has been widely commented upon as this terrible news reached the wider theatre and performance design community.

As a close knit group of designers and directors at the agency we support one another as Jill and now Laura guide us through the decisions we make about the work we want to do. Becs was a vital contributor in shaping how we operate.

At the request of Becs’ family, The Designers Formation is handling all tributes to Becs that anyone who knew her professionally would like to make.

If you would like us to pass on condolences or memories of working with Becs, please email Laura or if you would prefer to send a card or message, please mark it for Becs’ family and post c/o The Designers Formation, 29 Boreham Road, London, N22 6SL. Thank you.

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