Glen Neath & Hannah Ringham



Wedding, by Glen Neath & Hannah Ringham, at Shoreditch Town Hall and Forest Fringe
Costume Design: Alison Neighbour
Set Design: Alison Neighbour and Glen Neath
Directed by Edward Stambollouian.
Photography by Florian Azqueta.





Wedding is a ‘bizarre’ and ‘ruthlessly funny and impressionistic deconstrction of a wedding’, the second collaboration by Glen Neath and Hannah Ringham (Shunt). The show premiered at Shoreditch Town Hall, and relocated to Forest Fringe during the Edinburgh Festival 2014.

Audience Comments included:

Brilliant, unsettling, human, tragicomic, true.

Again, another unique and creative splendour from the dreamteam. Bunting on the brain 😉

Glen Neath and Hannah Ringham’s superb THE WEDDING is like an episode of The Good Life on crack. I strongly recommend it to you all.

Just as bizarre as I was expecting, and also rather enjoyable. Plus free cake & cava!

“Wedding” was a giddy joy, if we ever get married @HannahRingham and @GlenNeath can run it.

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