‘ Katharine Heath’s set design … is excellent.’ The Stage 

This is Not a Safe Space is written and performed by Jackie Hagan, and designed by Katharine Heath More information on the show from Unlimited, which commissioned the piece:

‘Benefit cuts are hitting disabled people the hardest. Half of people in poverty are disabled or live with a disabled person. The future looks grim, so how can we get people to sit up, listen and care and not keel over with empathy-fatigue? Jackie Hagan’s way has been to make a new solo show that features the real voices of proper skint disabled people who she’s got to know in and around Manchester.

Jackie has conducted 43 interviews with people living on the fringes and the spaces in between. They are not sob stories, they are fully rounded lives full of the spiky humour and the complicated weirdness of being human. Jackie weaves these narratives together with poetry and anecdotes, celebrating the weird, the wonky, the unruly, and the resilient.

Expect audience interaction, DIY puppetry, poetic comedy, comedic poetry, a massive game of metaphorical ‘Kerplunk’ centre stage, and one underclass amputee steering the show.’

This is Not a Safe Space is in London as part of Camden People’s Theatre Common People Festival, 17-21 April 2018

‘a luminous storyteller… Her direct, honest and optimistic style makes her instantly likeable’ Upstaged Manchester on Jackie Hagan.

‘…above all there is the fierce optimism and dogged determination to turn tragedy into something quirkily, crazily beautiful.’ Sabotage Reviews on Jackie Hagan


“Moving and poignant, if that’s not too middle class a word.” – ★★★★★ Morning Star

“Challenging, thought-provoking and emotive” – ★★★★★ LondonTheatre1

“Fiery and sensitive, she realises the truths of difficult experiences in poetic images which linger in the mind long after the voices themselves have faded away.” – ★★★★ Theatre Weekly

“Politically urgent… humorous and affecting” – The Stage

“An eye-opening examination of how government policy and ideology preys upon those they consider least able to defend themselves.” – London City Nights

Praise for ‘This is not a Safe Space’

“A perfect antidote to programs like Benefits Street.” – Disability Arts Online 

“Vital word-craftery. Spotlight on real people with humour, kindness & a big dose of reality. Brilliant.”  – Jo Verrant,  Unlimited

“Startling, original and acid. Hagan is a unique talent who has the makings of a hugely provocative big-stage performer… a genius in the making” – Write Out Loud 

“Her fierce use of humour teamed with passionate insight about working-class life is portrayed in her brilliant delivery” – The Mancunion

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