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TDF Covid update

September 17, 2020

The Designers Formation is one of the best placed agencies to respond to the Covid crisis, putting Theatre Designers at the centre of the discussion.

With Fiona Watt on the TDF Board of Directors, and Chair of the Society of British Theatre Designers, and Cat Silver as TDF and SBTD Co-ordinator, means TDF is in the unique position to feed our designer’s experiences directly in and respond quickly to the changing contractual landscape.

ABTT protocols on returning to production
We are participating as part of the associations and talks that have formed recently to ensure we return to work safely. As part of this the Stage Management Association and ABTT have shared with us a draft document outlining guidance on protocols to help us find a safe way to return to rehearsals and production. It’s a live and evolving document which will eventually become ABTT formal guidance.

Please access the document TDSoPs_vn._1.04_SMA_vn (1)

The guidelines aim to address the concern that when theatres open it could happen quickly, without producers, offstage workers and creative teams having the best information to understand new expectations or procedures.


September 17, 2020

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