From the award-winning creator of Some People Have Too Many Legs comes a new show featuring the real voices of proper skint disabled people about the complicated weirdness of being human. Expect audience interaction, poetic comedy, comedic poetry and one underclass amputee steering everything.

Post-show talk Fri 27 Oct.

More Information about the origin of JUMBLE SOUL on the Full Circle Arts website

Commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Arts Council England. Supported with funding from BlueSCI Wellbeing, Contact and Full Circle Arts. Produced by Big Feast.

Jackie Hagan 
is a working class, cosmic scally with a queer heart and a jumble soul. 

She writes for performance: plays, poetry, stand-up comedy and solo shows. She doesn’t care much for genre she just wants to connect with the audience.  She runs workshops to help people who have been silenced, failed or forgotten find their own voice. She believes in the power of creative expression and being nice to people who are all messed up.Her first solo show ‘Some People Have Too Many Legs’, written while she was in hospital having her leg lopped off, won the Saboteur award for ‘Best Spoken Word Show 2015’ and a Creative Futures award for literature. The show contained stumpuppetry and plenty of drinking from false legs.

Current Commissions:

Jumble Soul’, Jackie’s second solo show will premier at Contact Theatre on the 27th and 28th October 2017.  Jackie is conducting on-going interviews with skint people about claiming benefits, getting by, voting and the dark humour of coping, and will use audio clips from these along with jumble sale objects, poetry, stand up comedy and monologue to show the wonky, rock-hard, human reality of being poor right now.

Jackie is working to make this show in such a way so as to get more working class and disabled people into theatres and feel that that space is for them. Jumble soul is produced by Big Feast and J.Fergus Evans and was originally commissioned by Bluesci Support, with funding from FCA, ACE and has now received a Unlimited Main Commission.