Big Sister Little Brother is a production for children aged 5+, made specifically for performing in libraries as part of Spark Arts’ 2017 season of early years theatre.

Big Sister Little Brother is a funny, fast-paced retelling of The Emperor’s New Clothes by Mike Kenny, with costume design by Nettie Scriven.

 Production Photographs:

Scriven Big Sister Little Brother 3
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Season four will tour in Spring 2017 finishing with a brand new production in Summer 2017 commissioned by the Among ideal Friends touring network.

“At the heart of our communities libraries provide a safe and familiar space to engage in new experiences. Live theatre transform these familiar spaces – not because of extensive sets and special effects but because children (and adults) are swept away by the power of the performances.

The opportunities to watch and be part of a live show in an everyday space opens up the experience to many new children, families and schools in a way that not only broadens their cultural participation but also their creative curiosity.”

Councillor Sarah Russell
Leicester Assistant City Mayor – Children, Young People & Schools

“Libraries are an essential part of communities. They give us spaces to learn, explore and be creative, which is why we’re pleased to be investing in The Spark Arts latest library tour. It will be a brilliant way for more families in the East Midlands to enjoy great theatre locally.

More pics on Flickr:

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